Mobile phone internet in backtrack Linux

Pranaam to all bhai ji :)
Today we are going to learn , how to enable mobile internet connection in backtrack linux .
This is easy way .
connect your machine to wi-fi for once :P
and install package network-manager
so lest start :)
start your system and connect to wi-fi
logout from GUI interface =)) and type this command in shell terminal

apt-get install network-manager

press enter and wait till the installation process
start network-manager by running command 
service network-manager start

start graphical interface by issuing command startx
and follow these steps 
connect your device to machine and right click on top menu bar and select 'add to panel'

you will get screen like this, select application launcher and click foward button

next screen will have  option 'preference' , click on + symbol to expand sub menus under this

select "network connection" and click add button

you will see "2 connected computer" icon on menu bar.connect your mobile phone data cable to machine. click "2 connected computer" icon  and select "mobile braodband" in opened window.  add button is for creating new connection

your device is connected to machine so machine will detect it , i am configuring mobile internet connection for nokia 5233 :P . click forward button

in next step, select country where you lives

select your mobile connection provider operator

click forward  button and now we need to define access point name to connect to internet
default , it will select a access point but you can change it
for that , select 'my plan is not listed' from  select your plan drop down menu
define access point name and click forward

and now it will show final configuration
means, device for which it has been configured, internet service provider, country and your internet plan

click apply button and your configuration will be saved. next screen will be like this
check mark "connect automatically" box and click apply button.

disconnect your mobile phone and connect it again
your mobile will be detected and connect automatically

congratulation ..........................
your backtrack has mobile phone internet support xD
Thank you :)

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  1. nice tut bro.... do u knw any way to port forward on usb modems ...


:) :-) :)) =)) :( :-( :(( :d :-d @-) :p :o :>) (o) [-( :-? (p) :-s (m) 8-) :-t :-b b-( :-# =p~ :-$ (b) (f) x-) (k) (h) (c) cheer

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