Ethicalnoob indishell, mod security scanning bypasser php shell encrypter

Pranaam to all bhai ji _/\_
Today i am going to share a script which help in bypassing mod security scanning during php shell upload .
if mod security module is blocking your php shell when you are trying to upload it to gain access on server , this script will help you bypassing this shit :P

here is the screen shot of the script

here is the download link :-
--==[[ http://www.mediafire.com/download/231p6a7ecusqy9x/ethicalnoob.php ]]==--
Script mechanism is
1.run this script on your machine
2.paste your shell code in the text area and type a name with which you want to
   generate php file which will contain your shell code
   bydefault its ica.php, you can type your's one and click on "chall billu" button :P
3. script will print a message in which it will say that bypassing shell has been generated and you will get a file in the same directory with name you defined , like i am generating bypassing shell with name ica.php
4.we will use newly genarated bypassing shell to bypass mod security , as i have already told that bypasser php file will contain hacking shell code inside it
so we will upload this bypasser shell on server to bypass mod security scanning and after uploading bypasser shell we can generate our shell on server  :P
5.after uploading bypasser shell , access it and generate your shell on server .
   you have to specify with which name you want to generate you shell. you can generate your shell as many time as you want :)
6.access your shell and enjoy :)

Note:- please dont upload ethicalnoob.php on server for generating shell :P . its batter to use script on your local machine and generate bypasser shell and upload that script on server else you may face such type of error .
still you are facing such type of issue, here is bypasser shell which works fine and dont think its back doored :)

so here is the procedure , i am explaining using screen shots

open ethicalnoob.php script and paste your shell code in text area,type your bypasser shell name (i am going to generate bypasser shell with name ica.php)
i would recommend to use shell encoded in any kind of php encoding  

click "chall billu" button and you will get screen like this

bypasser shell has been generated. ica.php is the php file which we will use in bypassing mod security file scanning for shell upload.
ica.php contains you shell code and has capability to bypass mod security scanning  mechanism .
upload it on server , open ica.php. you will get like this ;)

ok , once your bypasser shell has been uploaded on server , its time to generate your shell XD
type shell name in input box where line "Generate 5h3ll with name ==>" written
bydefault its noob.php and click on "click to generate 5h3ll" button

your shell will be generated in the same directory with name you specified and you can access it ;) (mine shell name is noob.php)

for example, i  has bypasser on a server and its location is
shell location will be
note:- you can generate shell again and again using ica.php  :P antivirus or scanner wont be able to detect it ;)

and game over =))
your shell is on server
if still you face problem regarding shell detection by mod_security , message me on facebook
and thank you :)

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