kernel installation in CentOS using rpm

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Today we will learn , installing kernel in CentOS

kernel is the core part of an operating system without which we cant imagine operating system.
it is just like , engine in vehicle.
we bind third party utility and other tools to engine and in result we get a vehicle , same case with kernel.
we need to bind third party software and utility with it and in final we get a user friendly operating system ^_^.
lets start ..........
before proceeding to kernel installation, dont forget to check your machine architecture (32 bit or 64 bit)
run command  uname -i for checking your machine architecture

i383, x86 is for 32 bit hardware
x86_64  is for 64 bit hardware
so after this , grab your present kernel release by using command
uname -r
once you have got your system architecture and kernel release , download new kernel for your system from link given below

we need to download kernel rpm file and firmware rpm file for that release(you will get firmware rpm file for kernel with same name having firmware in it like  kernel-firmware-y.yy.yy.rpm)
mine one is 2.6.32 october 2013 release
and i am installing 2.6.32 december 2013 release
so i am downloading kernel rpm file using wget command

download kernel firmware too :)

ok , we have downloaded kernel firmware as well kernel rpm files .
before installing kernel , remember one thing
during installation process
we update kernel-firmware instead of installation whereas we should install kernel instead of upgrade
it is because if you are going to use update kernel , it means we are replacing old installed kernel with new kernel and this may lead to kernel panic error :P
so its batter option to go for installation of new kernel and we will have 2 kernel in our system.
if new kernel is compatible with our hardware, then we can remove old kernel ;)
 so lets start :)

first of all we will update kernel firmware by using command
rpm -Uv  kernel-firmware-version.rpm

now install kernel , run command
rpm -iv kernel_file.rpm

during installation of kernel , you may face error like this one

you can resolve this error by running this command
yum update bfa-firmware

after resolving this , try to install kernel again and you will be able to install it ;)

after finishing installation , you can confirm installation of new kernel by running command
rpm -q kernel
this command will list all installed kernels on your system

now reboot your system and in boot menu you will see 2 kernels , select one to continue system booting
your system will boot with kernel that you will select from boot menu

i am selecting first kernel for booting
and now my system is using new kernel

it was about installing new kernel in your CentOS system
Thank you

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