configure DNS server with multiple domains

Pranaam to all bhai ji _/\_
First of all, warm hugs to Hardeep singh (without whom this Tutorial was not possible :') )
In this post we will discuss, how to setup DNS server for more then one domains
already we have done with DNS server basic configuration in tutorial http://www.mannulinux.org/2013/12/dns-serverbind-server-installation-and.html .
in last tutorial we configured DNS server for single domain

lets start ;)
my hostname is  ica.indishell.in
IP of  DNS machine is and nameserver is already defined in /etc/resolve.conf file
i am going to setup DNS for domains

configure named.conf file:-
/etc/named.conf file is the configuration file for DNS server
open file and configure it according to your requirement
i am configuring DNS for 3 domains (zero.cool   hardeep.rocks billu.you)
so my /etc/named.conf file is like this ........

domain "zero.cool" is on serial number 1, domain number 2 is "hardeep.rocks" and billu.you domain is on number 3 in my named.conf  file
forward zone file for zero.cool domain is cool.zone
forward zone file for hardeep.rocks domain is rocks.zone
and for domain billu.you, forward zone file is billu.zone

ok now configure them one by one :)
cool.zone file content is 

; Zone file for zero.cool
$TTL 14400
@      86400 IN      SOA     ica.indishell.in. root.zero.cool. (
0001   ; serial,
86400 ; refresh, seconds
7200 ; retry, seconds
3600000 ; expire, seconds
86400 ) ; minimum, seconds

zero.cool.  86400   IN    NS   ica.indishell.in.
zero.cool.          IN    A

take care of following thing in zone file
domain name for which we are creating zone file
serial number (domain serial in named.conf file )
domain entry for name server as well as for IP

here , in my case ,
hostname is ica.indisell.in
domain name is zero.cool
serial number for domain zero.cool is 1(in named.conf file)

 zone file for domain hardeep.rocks
content of rocks.zone(zone file for domain hardeep.rocks)

; Zone file for hardeep.rocks
$TTL 14400
@      86400 IN      SOA     ica.indishell.in. root.hardeep.rocks. (
0002   ; serial,
86400 ; refresh, seconds
7200 ; retry, seconds
3600000 ; expire, seconds
86400 ) ; minimum, seconds

hardeep.rocks.  86400   IN   NS  ica.indishell.in.
hardeep.rocks.          IN   A

for domain hardeep.rocks, serial number is 2 (in named.conf file)
name server is  ica.indishell.in
ip address for domain is

 zone file for domain billu.you:-
content of file billu.zone is

; Zone file for billu.zone
$TTL 14400
@      86400 IN      SOA     ica.indishell.in. root.billu.you. (
0003   ; serial,
86400 ; refresh, seconds
7200 ; retry, seconds
3600000 ; expire, seconds
86400 ) ; minimum, seconds

billu.you. 86400    IN  NS ica.indishell.in.
billu.you.          IN  A

serial number for domain name is 3 (it comes on number 3 in named.conf file )
name server is ica.indishell.in
ip address is

we have done with zone files too
so lets test our new DNS server ;)
restart DNS server 
command is
service named restart

now test DNS server ;)
nslookup to domain that you setup

DNS is working XD

now test with dig command

testing domain hardeep.rocks

ok now testing zero.cool

yes yes :D DNS is working fine 8-)

This was tutorial on setting up DNS server for more then one domains
Again, for this useful and easy tutorial on DNS , big hands for Hardeep singh 
Thank you
Love to :-
zero cool , Team INDISHELL , Mannu, Viki , Hardeep bhai and AR AR bhai ji 

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