Excluding URL of css, js, image files from live http header

Pranaam to all bhai ji _/\_

Today we will learn, how to avoid css, JPG, js and other unwanted link while using live http header.

when we use live http header during website pentesting, live http header floods with unwanted link of css,js,image files.
and due to this, live http header seems hooch pooch :P
so, lets resolve this shit 8-)

in live http header, under config tab, you will see "exclude URL with regexp"
default configuration will be like this  -->  '.jpg$|.ico$|.css$|.js$'

according to this configuration, any URL having  extension .jpg .ico .css .js will be ignored i.e live http header wont log any request/response URL which will have extension .jpg .ico .css .js

But, what if URL is like this
this URL has link .css extension but live http header wont ignore it and its because of regex rule (.css$)
here rule .css$ represent -->  any URL having extension .css only
$ is representing , there must be no symbol/alphabet/number after .css
so , to avoid URL like  .css?version=something  , just remove $ symbol from regex and done :)
means , regex rules should be like this

now enjoy :D
if you want to avoid any website link which should not be log by live http header just simply add that domain name in this pattern
domain\.domain extension
like, if you dont want to log URL having facebook.com in it, just add
and regex will be like this

and done >:D<

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