adding GUI interface AKA "x windows system" to minimal Linux

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Sometime we use such Linux ISO which comes with minimum packages or you can say an ISO with only those packages which are required by Linux system.
Such system is also known as "minimal system"

These are used by those peoples who want to  build system according to the need,  because it doesnt contain packages other then essential one :)

for example, this is the ISO which even dont have graphical  user interface


so i am going to add GUI to the system with minimal state >:D<
i like GNOME desktop environment , so i am going to add GNOME interface

to add GNOME GUI interface to CentOS/RedHat/Fedora based system , command is

yum groupinstall   'X window system'

this is 'x window system' which help to load GUI in system

after installation of x window system, install GNOME interface by using command

yum groupinstall  'Desktop'

if you want to install KDE interface , use this command

yum groupinstall  'KDE desktop'

after completion of installation process you need to reboot your system and login to root account
to start GUI insterface, use command


it will start x window system and you will get GUI in your system
But everytime when you will start your system, first you will get CLI interface for login and then you need to execute command startx
if you want that whenever you start your system and it take you to GUI login screen , made a little change in init tab file
we need to change default run level of system

edit file  /etc/inittab by using command

vi  /etc/inittab

now come down to the last of the file and change the value 3 to 5

run level 3 is for CLI and 5 is for GUI
for more detail about run level , have look on this article

press i on keyboard and you will be enter into insert mode and now change value 3 to 5

after editing , press esc key  and type  :wq!   to save and  exit vi text editor
and done >:D< now your system will prompt GUI screen after completion of booting process 8-)

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