Installing WHM/CPanel in CentOS

Warning:- dont try to install WHM on your system if you are running on low speed internet(2g intnernet) as well as machine on which you are installing WHM must have public IP =))

Pranaam to all Bhai ji _/\_
Today we will learn , how to install WHM/CPanel in CentOS Linux for hosting purpose
CPanel/WHM  is well known solution for web hosting management and many of web hosting use it widely .
CPanel is just for linux OS based web hosting servers.
cpanel let you manage many things(like mail server,ftp account,file manager, SQL server etc etc ) from graphical user interface.
WHM let us configure our server(managing website accounts,configuring apache, installing and customizing packages installed for web server etc etc ) via whm graphical user interface.

so lets start :)
before going for installation, let me tell clear one thing, install whm/cpanel on such server which is in minimal state(os without third party installations like apache,mysql,DNS etc)
Installation of WHM/CPanel:-
login to your linux server root account (either via Putty or via SSH )
create a directory under /home directory
mkdir /home/your_dir
i am creating with name "lab"
mkdir  /home/lab
now enter in that directory
cd /home/your_dir
in mine case
cd /home/lab

now we need to fetch cpanel installer script in that directory from cpanel website using wget command
link for cpanel installer script is
run command

wget  http://httpupdate.cpanel.net/latest

 change permission of script "latest" to executable by running command

chmod  +x  latest

run installer by executing script latest
command to run installer is
sh latest

after launching cpanel installer, if everything is ok , you will see text like this one

okkk, cpanel installation has been started :)
wait till the end of process (it will take long time and installation process will depend on your machine processing speed as well as on internet speed)

after completion of installation, you will get message for installation completion

after finishing of installation process , restart your machine and access your WHM panel
open web browser and type 

here your_machine_ip is the ip of the machine on which WHM has been installed
enter your linux machine root account username and password on whm login panel and whm will let you login for further configuration of whm panel
Enjoy :)

Thank you
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  1. How about crack or nulled???

  2. i wont suggest nulled or cracked script because most of them have backdoor
    Dont forget , you are talking about hosting manager script :)
    its really a bad idea to use nulled whm script
    rest depends on you :)

  3. Still if theres a guide?
    Using paid cpanel is not really affordable :)

  4. right now, i dont have .
    but i will let you know if i got smoething

  5. might be a silly question but where exactly is the login info for this installer or am i going to have to rip the installer apart and find it?

  6. there is no login info is required for installer
    you will have to download installer and start it for cpanel installation, after completion of cpanel installation, type in browser your_server_ip:2086
    and you need to put your server root user account username password in username password field on login screen to login to whm panel


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