Multi user environment in Linux OS and using it

Pranaam to all Bhai ji _/\_
Today we will discuss about multi user environment of linux OS.
we have heard many time that linux is multi user operating system i.e more then one user can login and work on it at the same time . so in this post we will discuss about it and our aim is to know , how to use it.

so lets start......
suppose you are logged in graphical environment of  Linux OS with user account "ica" and at that moment you want to login as "indishell" on the same machine without logging off from that  graphical environment, at that moment we will use multiuser property of Linux OS.

How to use it
for this , we need to understand following things
our Linux OS comes with 7 terminals(6 terminals if OS dont have x-server i.e graphical user interface) bydefault. 6 terminals are command line based and 1 id graphical user interface based.
we use these terminals to login into our linux machine . we can switch from one terminal to another by using combination of  ALT,CTRL and F1/F2/F3/F4/F5/F6/F7 keys.
for example we want to login from first terminal , we will  use  alt+ctrl+f1 key combination
note:- here f1 is the key on the left of esc key on the top of your keyboard .
alt+ctrl+f2 will let you use terminal 2 , alt+ctrl+f3 will 3rd terminal and so on :) .
alt+ctrl+f7 will take you to the terminal number 7 and most probably it will graphical user interface.

one more thing , when you are switching from one terminal to another, it doesnt mean you will be logged off from the terminal from which you were logged in , when you will switch to that terminal again, machine wont ask for username and password if you were logged in at that terminal :) .

sooooo this was just a small intro duction to linux multiuser environment .
i will be back with new more :)

Thank you

Greetz to:- Zero cool, whole Team IndiShell and Hardeep bhai   <3
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