Cloud linux Installation for hosting purpose

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Today we are going to discuss about cloud Linux installation for hosting purpose.

For more security features we use cloud linux instead of Redhat or CentOS.
Note:- Cloudlinux is not free and we need to get a license for its usage.

there are 2 ways to setup cloud linux
1. Installation from ISO
2. converting existing CentOS

Installation from ISO:-
if you are going to setup new server, its good to installing Cloud Linux from ISO
download the appropriate ISO according to your server hardware architecture

Cloud Linux 5.10 ISO 
x86_64 version (for 64 Bit hardware architecture)
i386 version (for 32 Bit hardware architecture)

Cloud Linux 6.4 ISO

x86_64 version (for 64 Bit hardware architecture)
i386 version (for 32 Bit hardware architecture)

boot from the CD and follow the installation instructions
after installation, run these command
yum update

Now for activation, get license key
For trial license, follow the instruction given on this  page


for purchase , go to this page

Converting Existing system(CentOS):-
first of all you need to get license (either trial or full version)

For trial license, follow the instruction given on this  page 

for purchase , go to this page 

after getting license key, login to your server as root user
 get cloud linux deploy script by using command
wget http://repo.cloudlinux.com/cloudlinux/sources/cln/cldeploy

now, if you have ip based license key, run command
sh cldeploy -i license_key
here license key is the key issued by cloud linux owner

if you have activation key, run this command
sh cldeploy -k activation_key

here activation_key is the activation key for activating your cloud linux

now reboot your system and enjoy your cloud linux system >:D<

Thank you
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